AIR Freight

BFG has been an IATA agent since 2005 and offers a complete range of air transport, export and import services

We carefully evaluate your needs and guarantee you and your customers the most effective air transport solution.

Next Flight Out Priority

If shipping is urgent, we can select the most appropriate airline and book it on the first available flight to meet your deadlines. All accompanied by a dedicated collection and delivery service, express customs and document management


For the most cost-sensitive shipments, we offer a wide selection of services that guarantee you receive quality service at an affordable price.

Door to door

To allow you to offer your customers a complete service from your company to your client’s home or from the home of your supplier to your home: all inclusive and without surprises


BFG offers a consolidation service in our warehouses in Italy and abroad

If you have multiple orders to or from the same country, we can collect and consolidate them in a single shipment

This will guarantee a dedicated solution and significant savings


We have experience and contacts to hire all types of aircraft to meet a wide range of needs.

Dangerous goods

If you sell or buy dangerous goods, BFG can help you overcome the complexities that often accompany the movement of these restricted materials, particularly by air.

Our qualified staff will help you complete the necessary documentation for dangerous goods correctly and help you choose the best packaging according to the required international standard